About Us



Mr. Pawan Agrawal, the driving force behind Pioneer Herbals, is the visionary leader and Managing Director of the company. With over two decades of experience in the industry, his deep understanding of Ayurveda, herbal remedies, and consumer preferences has been pivotal in shaping the company's success. Under his guidance, Pioneer Herbals has grown from strength to strength, becoming a trusted name in the market. Mr. Pawan Agrawal's unwavering commitment to delivering quality products at competitive pricing and his relentless pursuit of excellence have been the guiding principles behind the company's remarkable journey.
Pranay Agrawal plays a vital role in B2B Marketing & Exports. With extensive FMCG experience, his business acumen and leadership skills drive Pioneer Herbals towards becoming one of the FMCG hub in India and foreign countries.
Parakh Agrawal, the youngest director of Pioneer Herbals, brings a dynamic approach to the organization. His passion for the D2C FMCG industry and commitment to quality have fueled the company's growth to new channels & approach.